There is a lot of ways to contribute to make Disblock better !

  • Writing code on Github

  • Creating documentation

  • Help out other users on the support server

  • Look for bugs in Disblock and report them

Writing code

Disblock is entirely written in JavaScript, and use mainly Node.Js, Discord.js, Blockly ( and a lot of others modules ) to run. Since Disblock is open-source, you can add features or help to fix some bugs on the WebApp or the Bot.

Creating documentation

Some features or blocks can be a bit hard to understand, and we may not already wrote the documentation for this. Also, the documentation may have to be improved sometimes, or updated. If you want to help us to write the documentation, please, contact us on the support server.

Helping out others users

If you want to share your knowledge about the bot, and are willing to help others, then join the support server and start helping out. Users who are helpful and active may be asked to join us as a support staff.

Reporting bugs

When creating such large applications, there will always be some mistakes. The majority are found and corrected during tests, but few of them may still be undetected. If you found a bug, you can open an issue on the related Github repository, contact us on Discord, or send an email to if you found a security vulnerability.

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