Ever wanted to have the possibility to create a nice form to ask people about their feedback ? Well, that's now possible with Disblock !

This feature is currently in alpha, if you come across a bug, please, report it on the Discord support server, or GitHub. This feature may be modified anytime.

Before reading this, you should learn how to use the Slash commands

You can find all forms-related blocks in the Commands category within the editor

How to create a form

Forms are defined like a slash command, but instead of adding statements to execute, you just add a form creator block :

Within this example, you can see that we defined a form, entitled your-idea, with a text input named idea. When we receive an answer to this form, we will send a message in a specific text channel, that will show us the user who answered, and the content of the idea input.


You can have up to 5 fields per form.

Text input

The text input is a basic input block, that can be used for anything. Here are some settings available on it :

  • Type : Can be short or long, it represent the rendered size of this input in the popup displayed to the user.

    • Use short for simple sentences, or something that will be.. short. Use long if the user may need to write something bigger, like a paragraph or a detailed answer.

  • Name : The name of this input. It works the same way as the slash commands arguments.

  • Minimum size & Maximum size : two numbers that represent the min and max size of the content in this input. Users can't send their answer if this requirement is not satisfied.

  • Default content : A placeholder that is displayed when nothing was written by the user yet.

    • Use this to give some details or indications to the user who is filling your form.

  • Required : A checkbox that is used to indicate if an input must be filled or can be let empty. Users can't send their answer if this requirement is not satisfied.

Handling an answer

Once someone filled your form, you will want a way to get the content of the inputs : that's exactly what we will do in the last part of this block ! You can either send a message/embed in a private channel with everything you need, or save that in a Data storage blocks.

You probably saw that no reply to command block were used in the previous example : this block is useless when working with forms as it can only reply to slash commands. When handling forms, we will prefer to use a send message in channel block or to create an embed to save answers.

Example : the feedback form

Here is the simple form that we will create. Don't be afraid, I'm going to explain everything about it :

Defining the fields in a form

Here is how these inputs are rendered on Discord :

As expected, the short input is rendered as a single line of text, while the long input is larger and can handle multiple lines. You can also see the red * at the first input, which mean that this question requires an answer. An input without this can be sent empty.

Handling answers

So, we can now display the form to users using our form command. Next, we should talk about handling answers and reading them !

You can do everything you want there, but in this example, we can see that Embeds blocks are used, displaying properly the received answer. Once created, this embed is sent to a private channel, where staff members can take care of it.

There are also two new blocks related to forms, that you can use while processing answers :

The first block is used to get the content of a field/input within your form, the same way you can get the value of a command argument. The second block is referring to the user who submitted the form.

Like arguments in Slash commands, you should always check that not required inputs are defined before using them to avoid unexpected errors ! If you're trying to get the value of an empty input, you will just get null

And, that's it ! Don't forget to execute /reloadcommands and you should be able to use your form ! If you have any question or need help about this feature, feel free to join the Discord server !

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