Embeds blocks

Sometimes, you way want something better than simple text messages, and to replace them, you can use some Embed Messages. Let's see how to use them !

Here is the minimal action flow to create and send an Embed message :

When creating an Embed Message, you will probably want to send it. That can be done with the Send embed message Block.

For now, that's only a very simple Embed message, but by adding few options to our Create an embed message block, we can create way more complexes messages, like this one :

Embed messages options

Let's see what are the available options :

Define Embed Image

Probably one of the most used, this option will add an image to your Embed :

Define Embed Thumbnail

This option will add a thumbnail to your embed, always at the right top of the message :

Add a field

Fields can be used to add more informations or details to the message. Each field have a maximum length of 512 characters.

Set Embed's author

You can show who created this embed, and even add a link to a website and a picture :

It is possible to add a small text and a picture at the end of your embed, with the Add Footer block :

Add timestamp

If you need to show when the embed was sent, you can use the Add Timestamp block :

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